I'm an iOS developer passionate about using software to enhance humanity: foster connectedness among strangers & friends, enrich art, and empower marginalized groups. I lean deeply into the empathetic/intuitive design philosophy as well as the iOS development paradigm.

My research is in maintaining interface representations in the physical and digital realms as realized by Mixed-Fidelity Remote Paper Prototype Testing. I am advised by Haoqi Zhang as part of the Design, Technology and Research Group in the Delta Lab.

I care deeply about changing tech industry culture to be inclusive for all, specifically women & non-binary peoples, those with intersectional identities, and beginners. I am serving as co-president of Northwestern University Women in Computing for my second year with the goal of creating community among women & non-binary peoples interested in tech at Northwestern. I help organize & teach at Hack Nights, an initiative to give beginners the skills they need to get started on their own programming projects (check out my intro to iOS tutorial). I also co-founded BuildHer, Chicago's first student-run all-women's hackathon, alongside my WiC co-president Alaina Kafkes, where we created a space for women to build community, learn new skills, and leave having built something they can be proud of.